CLASSES FOR CHILDREN (ages 6 to teen)

$35 per 1.5 hour lesson (includes the use of studio materials)

Children learn a variety of mediums and techniques.  A work of art typically takes 2-3 lessons to complete, as we do not believe in rushing to the finish line but instilling in children an appreciation for the time and layers that it takes to create good artwork.

In drawing we use pencil, charcoal, pen and ink and/or Prismacolor pencils to explore the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Form, Color, Value, Texture and Space.   

In painting we use watercolor, acrylic or mixed media to learn about different artists and styles that span the centuries.  Paintings may include landscapes, seascapes, plant life, still life, animals, portraiture, and abstract. 



$35 per 1.5 hour lesson (includes the use of studio materials); $25 for those who bring their own materials

Adults can drive their direction in any medium they choose:  pencil drawing, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, oil painting, or mixed media.   The instructor does not dictate subject matter but helps the student achieve their own personal goals.  It is helpful to the instructor if the student brings a photograph, magazine, printout, etc. of something to work from.  

Classes are set up in small groups of 3-4 at a time.  Each student gets personal attention and is also left alone for a time to work.